LifeSelectorVR Password

At this point we go with one more web-site – LifeSelectorVR with the lastest and in addition latest Virtual Reality Productions.

Be fast and just become part of here with the username / password combos for as long these are active:

Only just mouse click on the participants site links to test out the several passwords:

Assuming the password you experimented with doesnt perform these days, better try every one of them because the dudes at try to disable these the minute many tried it. You should bookmark this document in consideration that we help you get new passwords each week.

Experience fucking awesome VR Porn at no cost with these passwords.

Remember those “choose your own adventure” novels? The ones where at the bottom of the page you could select from a couple of alternatives of what would occur next and depending on which you selected you would bypass to a different page and continue the storyline from there? Well, Life Selector is just like that, but for porn movies. I would like to walk you through it.

When you sign in you’ll see all the available shows right there on the homepage, as well as some filter and category alternatives, including anal, BDSM, lesbian, solo and threesome. Go ahead and choose a show and from there it is possible to view a preview or hit the “start game” button.

Starting the game starts the scene and each one I watched was shot from the viewpoint of the man (this is you).