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MetaverseXXX is a VR pornography business that is significantly different from other mainstream VR mature websites. It is a community-based group of more than 45 people with ties to the kinky and sex-positive communities in and around Vancouver. MetaverseXXX is an independent firm assembled by a group of people that manages everything from shooting to casting to VR camera development and supply through their web site. The business was developed without banks, investors or loans. We are calling it a PeopleStarter versus a Kickstarter or something similar.

Currently, MetaverseXXX includes 85 videos like a variety of sexual acts, including BDSM, adult baby, spanking, role-playing, analingus, and more. It symbolizes a big library with varied content that caters to every kind of taste with respect to kinky sex. It’s rather fine to see a site choosing the woman’s view into account.