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This is all exclusive Naughty America content but you will find scenes from among many of the network’s websites. The scenes they pick to create for their VR are POV from the man’s perspective. And although you understand the man is not you, the videos are immersive enough that you can trick your mind into believing it is you for an instant.

And regardless of that, you actually feel like you’re there, in the room with these pornstars who are looking at you, talking to you, dispersing themselves right in your face and riding cock for you/on you. Only look around and take everything in.

The videos look awesome! I watched a couple on my Gear VR and the picture was super sharp and clear. I supposed they were HD – because of how good they looked and because I understand Naughty America does high-definition on all their websites. So, I downloaded a couple on my computer and got HD stats with bit rates which range from 9000k-12000k.