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We love it when porn has a narrative. Some style, too. Not too much of it, these things can’t get into the way of hot action. But when it’s simply enough, we love it. There’s style, there’s a small narrative, but the chief dish is, of course, the awful sex. So wait, back to the narrative. Turns out there’s this guy called Randy. He lives actually at the center of the desert. This roadstop thing is his place where he takes sexual photographs of girls who come to Randy from throughout the blessed nation of America. When they come, it all turns into nasty butt sex quite shortly. We mean, he has like exercises (genuine exercises) with dildos attached to them lying around. Anything can happen, and it does. Does it all sound a bit white trashy? Possibly, yeah. But the reality is that Randy’s Roadstop is an incredibly well assembled website that offers premium quality VR porn with a story and loads of style. The layout of this whole thing seems extremely cool, with massive preview photographs, sample episodes, some clever writing and everything else you expect from a fantastic tour. Let’s dig deeper!