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I anticipated The 3D Smashers to be another one of those toon websites that provides you with kinky computer-generated pornography, but it really isn’t that kind of site at all. What it really is, is a place where you are able to go to get yourself some 3D pornography featuring actual flesh and blood women.

A picture will cost you 100-125 credits and some pictures will run you 65. Once something is bought, you are able to proceed and download it a total of two times. If you want to download it for a third time, you’ll need to buy it again.

There are 20 videos only at that point and they all use a technique called stereoscopy to realize their 3D effect. Essentially, when you see any of these films, you’re presented with two side-by-side displays in which the same footage plays. One’s marginally offset in the other and this gives the brain the awareness of 3D depth.