Virtual Real Gay VR

Virtual Real Gay Brings Your Dreams To Life

Most likely the greatest & most in-depth archive of high quality virtual reality pornography that is gay, it is no surprise that Virtual Real Gay has garnered so much interest lately. Their videos live around the standards of the Virtual Real Network of which they’re a member, offering High Definition quality videos within an incredibly varied variety of experiences – everything from one on one intimate enterprises in the bedroom or poolside into a livid and complex threesome with hunky men ready to take a beating in the butt.

On the disadvantage they’ve limited stereoscopic vision, maxing out at 180 degrees, even though the binaural audio is 360. Their costs are also quite realistic given their videos are compatible with all leading headsets – Smartphone, Oculus Rift, Samsung Gear VR – at 29,95 EUR for three months. They do have a fifteen day trial but this EUR for just 5,95 is a recurring fee so be cautious.