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When you log in to the website and visit the “videos” section you will find three subsections: VR 360, VR 180 and VR Cinema. “VR 360” has videos that immerse you in a full 360 environment so you can look around and up and down and see the entire room. “VR 180” is half that. You are able to look up and down and sideways, but if you go around previous 180 degrees you will see that the picture is just reflected. “VR Cinema” puts you in a home theater surrounded by several comfy seats with a big display before you.

Well, actually, the “film” ones are only streaming, but the 360 and 180 videos enable both choices.

While it might seem that the 360 degree experience would function as the greatest, I do not find that to be the situation. You see, while I love having the ability to look around a room, the 360 videos do not supply the same sort of 3D experience that the 180 degree movies do.