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Vixen VR And their Credit System

Vixen VR is considered a lesser grade VR website, even though there are a few upsides to using their website. First and foremost is their payment system which will be credit based, letting you buy credits to use after (rather than membership, where you do not consistently get your money’s value). For around $20 it is possible to get 40 credits, and every picture is about 4 credits. The disadvantages may outnumber yet, with just two pages of pictures you’re restricted to about 3 or 4 versions in total, and with the majority of the pictures being incredibly short in comparison to other sites.

Additionally, bear in mind that their videos are just compatible with Smartphone headsets like Google Cardboard, Zeiss, the Noon VR, and Samsung Gear, leaving a Oculus Rift to those outside of chance.