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VR Bangers – Expensive, But Worth It

Yes, they can be a bit expensive – $14.99 for a month, although they offer free headsets with longer memberships. Their videos additionally are usually a bit on the short side with a mean of around 5 minutes, but if you take into consideration that *all* of their videos certainly are a complete 360 degrees, left in 4K High Definition, and have binaural audio, it is quite clear why the videos will be the span they’re.

And it is a loss worth taking. All the versions are very different, something which other websites have fought with in relation to homogeneity, so if you are after a special ethnicity or body type odds are you will find it here. We also really enjoyed the reality that bodes well for new members who are able to experience the most from it, and they appear to be upgrading quite often.

As with other websites, they may be not incompatible with all headsets including Smartphone, Oculus Rift, and the Samsung Gear – and to get a plus, it is possible to see a totally free previews or download the videos in your Computer, something their opponents are sorely lacking.