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Virtual reality technology has began to really make an appearance in the adult entertainment industry and this has many people quite excited. Like any new thought, it may take a while before a majority of folks are conscious of it is existence. Imagine donning a pair of forte goggles that permit you to view 3D sex scenes directly from your own mobile device or home computer. Now, imagine you are able to change the viewing perspective to one you enjoy and zoom in or out on the picture/display to get a more close or further viewpoint…

Due to the improvements in technology in the last decade, this notion really has the opportunity to become reality. Cameras that can shoot infrared along with routine video are accustomed to record the issue. The infrared creates a ‘point cloud’ to track the complete size of the topic; depth, length and height. That is how a viewer will have the ability to alter the perspective and angle of the picture to view the subject in the side, front, rear, etc.

Unlike many virtual reality programs, the most notable difference of what VRtube will offer is you will see the ‘actual’ models. Many programs use avatars which were created using real people and a green screen then animating their images, but that will not be the case for VRtube.